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Film Skillet is an international community of filmmakers and enthusiasts promoting quality independent films from around the world. Not only is Film Skillet a great place for networking, but it’s also a great place to watch films. If you like drama, comedy, science fiction, horror, documentaries or animations, you're going to love Film Skillet. Our users span five continents and their films come in many different languages. So no matter which country you're from, you will always find something good to watch.

Film Skillet is the perfect place to promote your independent film. Every year we select talented filmmakers from the site and help them reach their goals. We finance and promote films, helping up-and-coming filmmakers get the exposure they deserve. Using our talented members' and industry connections, we open doors for aspiring filmmakers and promote their films to the world.

While everyone can submit their film to Film Skillet, only the top films are selected to be featured on the site. We do this to ensure that you have access to the best independent films available. This means less time searching and more time watching. When you select an independent film from our library, you can be assured the film has been viewed by our staff and selected for its quality.

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