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Las Piedras No Flotan (Rocks Don´t Float) by Javier Zevallos

Pedro is determined to swim across the Rio de la Plata river to regain de love and respect of his ex, who left him for an a italian swimmer who claims to be Johnny Weismüller´s double.
Pedro está decidido a cruzar el Rio de la Plata a nado para recuperar el amor y el respeto de su ex, quien lo ha dejado por un nadador italiano que dice ser el doble de Johnny Weissmüller.

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Thomas McManamon over 5 years ago

This was very sweet. I enjoyed it alot

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Rick Cortright over 5 years ago

Very nice. Great pace, message....thanks!

Kandie koed ssi

Kandie Koed over 5 years ago

Well done. I love the into and cast was perfect.

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Homero López about 6 years ago



Javier Zevallos about 6 years ago

Thanks a lot! Its an old one and the video doesn't make justice to the original (It was shot on a lovely super 16mm format, but the transfer is prior to the HD scans).

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Dylan Gentilcore about 6 years ago

love it!