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Rescue by Greg Allen

City swarming with aliens an old flame from the past comes to the rescue. While Daphne is reunited with an old friend she gradually, with his help, discovers her inner powers. But its not that easy. Along the way they have a little encounter with one of the aliens. Child like but definitly an abnormalty...

Madalyn Andrade as Daphnye
Kyle James as Doug
Sanai Clarke as the Terefin
Dayana Higgins as Employeer

Directed by Zhandra Reyes
Produced by Patrick Louis Pierre
Co-produced by Fulani Clarke
Written by Janda "Japanda" Farley, Doug Glassman, Adam Heims
Director of Photography by Martin Ubilluz
Boom Operators by Ian Edwards, Jon Delgado
Special FX by Johnny Zhang/ Nora/ Jamir Blanco
Set Design by Karim Shaw

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