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The Penny Ice Creamery by Ross Williams

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet 2013 Documentary Film Contest in Documentary

Short Documentary about the Penny Ice Creamery: The only ice cream shop in Santa Cruz, California making small batches of delicious ice cream completely from scratch in house. The flavors change with the seasons, and feature locally farmed and organic ingredients. Their small business proves that you can be environmentally conscience and still make a good profit.

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Laurie Cummins over 4 years ago

This illustrates the power of filmmaking to showcase the good in our world. Who knows who you may have inspired...Thank you.

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lola obe almost 6 years ago

Wow. They have kind of done like some coffee houses are doing, but with ice cream, and then they've gone even further with their product to insure one of a kind quality. It's amazing.