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The Summer of '81 by Preston Randolph

Badge winner Winner for The Film Skillet 2013 Documentary Film Contest in Documentary

The unique story of Wyoming man, Bob Taylor and the spirit and struggles of his life's journey. From teaching in the city, to being a Cowboy in Wyoming, to raising his family without electricity in the cabin he built by hand, and of course baseball. Above all, this film is about life and holding on to those memories that make us who we are. Good or bad, everyone has their own Summer of '81.

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patrick norris about 5 years ago

Fantastic work!


Dean Wells over 5 years ago

Whatta great documentary! Top marks across the board! Felt sorry about Smokey though :(

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Joe Mitchell over 5 years ago

That's it, I'm building a cabin. Very well done.


Randall Leong over 5 years ago

Beautiful cinematography and a refreshingly simple documentary subject and story, it's clear to see why your fantastic film won the doc contest. Excellent work!

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Jeremy Norris over 5 years ago

Great film. Congratulations Preston.