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The blessed who dwell by the garbage dump by Tania Cucoreanu

On December 2010, 76 families (mostly Roma) on the Coastei Street in Cluj-Napoca, Romania – an area with a high economic potential – were translocated to 40 living apartments in 10 modular buildings, set near the Pata Rât landfill. There are two other Roma communities currently living at Pata Rât: one of them, which is called Dallas, is a few meters away from the one that was brought in two years ago, and the other – on Cantonului Street -, is situated near the rail road. The rooms the families on Coastei Street received in Pata Rât have a surface of 13-14 square meters (each single room hosts up to 10 people), they have no hot water, no kitchen and the bathroom is shared by four such rooms. On the land on the Coastei Street, from where these families were displaced, a campus for the Faculty of Theology and some other Church buildings are being built, and they are to be finished in 2014. The municipality in Cluj-Napoca exchanged this lot for a park which was under the ownership of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

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John Cullinan over 5 years ago

This is a poignant illumination into some of the cultural bias against the Roma people, today. I felt that the outdoor camera work was nice, although focus was occasionally an issue, and I would have liked to see a bit clearer for some interior shots. Perhaps more comprehensive lighting setups? Your subtitles looked really good. This film is highly relevant and important. Thank you!