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The Bank Heist by Daniel Lee

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Comedy

Four struggling comedians plot to rob a bank.

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Racquel Ruvalcaba about 6 years ago

Great short film that did really well in showcasing different character traits! It's an enjoyable 4 minutes with great dialogue and casting!! I really liked the relationships between all the characters.


Daniel Lee almost 7 years ago

If you think this film was about a bank really didn't understand it in the first place :)

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Marcus Bickford almost 7 years ago

I appreciate the storyline put forth. It's fun, it's fresh, and it works in 4 short minutes. With that being said, pretty much everything up until the actual robber shows up felt like the screenwriter decided the premise was good enough that they could afford to completely punt on dialogue. The banter between characters didn't feel like four comedians; it felt like the same cliche amateur heist flick that every washed up comedy actor eventually decides to be a part of. If ring leader, dumb henchmen, and nice guy with morals were swapped out for 4 fresh characters, quick-witted characters that could pass as real comedians, this film wouldn't idle for the first 3 minutes. It's a 5 star story fattened with 2 star lines. I give it 3 stars.

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Bill Oakman over 7 years ago

Great short!


arn cruz over 7 years ago

This is the most intense film in this website. Seriously. 5 stars!

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Anthony Kozlowski over 7 years ago

Haha brilliant! Sucks for those guys, though.


Zachary Rudd almost 8 years ago

Love the concept. Very funny. Great ending!