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Earth is your body. by Jerónimo Malpica

Badge finalist Finalist for Green Shorts Film Festival in Environmental

Hey, my name is Jerónimo Malpica. I am a 15 years old student and I currently live in a little village near Mexico City. Since I am very worried about our planet Earth's condition, I decided to make this original video.
I am aware that the quality of the video isn't the best, but I am afraid I couln't do better, sorry about that.

Anyways, enjoy the video.

Song by: Christophe Bourlon - "El Ojo"
Download it for free here !
Thanks to: Jorge Malpica (Editing)

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Jerónimo Malpica almost 5 years ago

Thanks for the support!


Riley Bentley almost 5 years ago


It's great that such a young kid is aware of how bad our earth has become, and decided to take action by creating a short and simple film of how you felt about it. I wish you luck in the contest.

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Jeremy Norris almost 5 years ago

That was awesome! Keep making videos, you make a difference.