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Freaky Saturday Night Fever by Cee French Harth

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Comedy, Drama and Science Fiction

"Freaky Saturday Night Fever" is a US/French Co-Production 35mm Short Film featuring Gary Busey. Grégoire, a 28 year-old yuppie from Paris, faces a larger than life twist of fate. All clad and dressed in his 70's suit, Gregoire journeys out to the hottest costume party in Paris and winds up in the dump instead.

Gregoire lands himself in a tangled mess after the universe decided to get back at him for his arrogant behavior. Rude to his poor grumpy neighbor and sinister to a Parisian bum with which he crosses paths, Gregoire meets his match when fate and the unknown supernatural force him to face himself.

We watch Gregoire's struggle unfold in dusty old Texas IN 1977! Stuck without a clue how to get out of this hell or even a clue as to how he got in, Gregoire must find the answers to get his life back. Can Gregoire find redemption through these foreign people? Will the love of his life help him find his way? Only Gregoire can answer these questions on his nightmare journey into the bowels of Texas.

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Rick Cortright almost 7 years ago

Loved it!


patrick norris over 7 years ago

Fantastic (:-)) check it out!


Zachary Rudd over 7 years ago

Great film!

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Frances Mikalak over 7 years ago


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AY DeGuzman over 7 years ago

Congratulations and good luck!