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Predictive Reasoning by Kyle van Tonder

Predictive Reasoning

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Jordan Ross about 5 years ago

There is sort of an "Aha" moment at the end of watching this film, but to me, it was not very satisfying. Now, of course it is difficult to establish a character enough to care about in 14 minutes, so that would sort of excuse the film. However, I feel like the writing of the film seems too interested in being something other than it actually is, making the film feel almost redundant. The film has many genre elements of a psychological thriller, although many of them are not executed in a satisfying way and in a way that makes sense. Of course certain elements succeed; there were many instances where the framing took advantages of interesting settings, such as in the chase scene, and the most part, the performance by Caval Goodyear as our protagonist was effective. There were a few instances of botched lines, but I feel like the strength of his performance came not from the times he spoke, but the time he didn't speak. This man is a good brooder. However, within a story designed as a replica of genre elements, that performance seems to go to waste. Chase scenes happen without an understanding of why this man is being chased, a man finds his cell stolen phone placed mysteriously in an elevator without any reason for knowing it was there. All of these make the film less compelling and interesting, and I would have enjoyed seeing the film break out of these trappings in order to explore its ideas about reasoning more effectively. Thematically, the film was interesting, and the scenes of brooding, while slow, I enjoyed and appreciated, and allowed the viewer to understand the protagonists struggle. That, combined with the excellent score, reminding me of the score of "Drive", and also a bit of Radiohead, gave the film some interesting and valuable elements, even though the general construction of the film was unsatisfying
I give this a 1.5/4