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The Duel at Blood Creek by Leo Burton

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Comedy

A popular duelling spot gets a bit over-booked!

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Meghan Felker over 5 years ago

I just loved this, I laughed consistently throughout. My favorite thing, however, are the insults.

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Brian Furman over 5 years ago

This was hilarious!!!

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pablo roldan almost 6 years ago

from time to time you can have the opportunity to find a inspiring piece of art... so this is it... just marvellous, a gem. congratulations!!
a big hug from Chile!!

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Jeremy Norris about 6 years ago

I agree, Great acting, love the story line. Laughed a lot.


D. Inman-Zadeh about 6 years ago

This is very good. The location, costumes, story, actors, and dialogue all fit together well with the film. This I expect is not as easy as the creator makes it look. The mixture of interlocking of stories is sound, nice pace not a boring moment. Love the surprise ending; do not want to spoil it so I will say no more.


patrick norris about 6 years ago

Really fun film, lol


Dean Wells about 6 years ago

Very nice work!


Zachary Rudd over 6 years ago

I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a finalist in the 2012 International Film Skillet contest! Good luck!

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Anthony Kozlowski over 6 years ago


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A A over 6 years ago

This is great! One of my favorites!


Zachary Rudd over 6 years ago

Brilliant! Beautiful shots as well.

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Julie Robinson over 6 years ago

Beautiful script. Loved it.

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Christina Jaramillo over 6 years ago

Wit at it's best.

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AY DeGuzman over 6 years ago

Well done. Great acting!


Anthony Kozlowski over 6 years ago

This is absolutely brilliant... One of my favorite films on here. Thank you for sharing and I hope to see more from you!