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3x3 by Nuno Rocha

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Comedy

It is night. A security guard of a sports complex spends his time throwing balls at the basketball hoop. He spends many hours doing that, so he has become an expert. The size of his ego comes up when he shows his skills to a simple janitor, who also spends the night there.

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Racquel Ruvalcaba about 6 years ago

This film made me laugh and it is very heartwarming and uplifting. Simple storyline and great shots (both camera and basketball!) What really stood out to me was the sound. The sound effects were spot on, and the tune fits the film narrative perfectly. very playful, competitive characters...great casting!! good job!

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Rick Cortright almost 7 years ago

Congratulations, very funny. Great concept.

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AY DeGuzman over 7 years ago



Zachary Rudd over 7 years ago

That was awesome.

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Célia Fraga over 7 years ago

Amazing movie :)

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kurt Glaser over 7 years ago

Concept, execution, and visuals are outstanding in comedy here Nuno! Best i've seen here in contest for Comedy! Canon or RED? beautiful DP work by you sir! Fantastico

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kurt Glaser over 7 years ago

Did you NunoR do "Momentos"? A fantastic film that really inspires! Check our entry that your jingle inspired 'CLOSER'
Enjoy and leave comment. Thank you much. kurt

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A A over 7 years ago

If only I understood math...

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Jeremy Norris over 7 years ago

Did he really make three half court shots in a row? Outstanding!