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"Tumbleweed!" by Jared Varava

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Comedy

The true and historically accurate tale of one tumbleweed that did not tumble.

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Rick Cortright almost 6 years ago

Extremely well done. Very creative.

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Jon Vavera almost 6 years ago

Thought cinematography was awesome! Very nice color! Also surprised no one said it yet, but thought it was well written and laughed out loud a few times. Very clever and witty take on the tumbleweed (Where did you get the idea for the film?). Lastly liked the CG. Over all enjoyed the film and thought it was put together very well.

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Devon Kreider almost 6 years ago

The cinematography here is great! Very nice camera work. But equally as impressive was the story. Short and simple, yet gives the viewer a little extra by going back in time and into the future.

I like the way you intertwined the history of the tumbleweed with this one special tumble weed, I would have liked to see the tumbleweed's "hopes and dreams" depicted a similar way.

Overall really nice job! :)

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Thomas Ortiz almost 6 years ago

Wonderful story, cinematography is well done, not too short but not too long, just right. But a nit pick, wish we saw him on his travels, even if for a moment before the credits. Other then that, just right.


patrick norris about 6 years ago

Very cool. Shot really well with great story!!!

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Jeremy Norris about 6 years ago

Love the story. Great camera work.

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A A over 6 years ago

Great cinematography!


Jared Varava over 6 years ago

Indeed, just a bit outside of Tucson.

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AY DeGuzman over 6 years ago



Anthony Kozlowski over 6 years ago

This made me smile. I'll never look at a tumbleweed the same way again.

Looks a lot like Tucson with all those saguaros.