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Schnitzels by Tal Haring

Terrorized by his wife, a frustrated man continues the never ending cycle of anger and relief.

Directed by: Oded Shoshan & Tal Haring.
Filmed by: Tal Haring.
Edited by: Oded Shoshan.
Actors: Shahar Golan ; Sharon Eytan.

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Laurie Cummins over 5 years ago

Not one word spoken throughout the entire three minutes; a fascinating exercise in how sound interspersed with the lack of it can inspire terror.

I did have to suspend disbelief relative to the chicken sandwich appearing when it did. Also, my take on the husband from the first scene was that he was a timid, nonviolent fellow so, without more of a back story, it's hard to believe he would express that level of anger to an apparent stranger.


John Cullinan almost 6 years ago

Authentic acting, and a spartan theme help to propel this piece at an almost jarring rhythm. Throw in a dash of social commentary, and you're left with a fun way to spend a few minutes.