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Loss by Adam O'Brien

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Drama

Scott brings Megan, his beloved girlfriend, to a remote field. Once there, he tells her that with his fathers heritage, he bought this piece of land for her, since he knew it was her childhood dream.

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Justin Bellvia almost 6 years ago

Wow, nice little turn off events. Only death will hide lies...

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Jessica Counts almost 6 years ago

ok so I loved how Scott bought his girlfriend Megan to a beautiful open land and told her he had bought it for them!

I like how the film maker made this movie about choices and what I mean by that you have to make a choice in life for the one's you love !

The movie was sad but I liked it other people should woach it !
by Jessica

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Sean Jackson almost 6 years ago

Note: cinematography* was spelled incorrectly

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Sean Jackson almost 6 years ago

First off, I loved the location. the scenery and all the wide shots really made the film pop. I will say bravo to the sound editor for the ambient sounds and sound mixing.
Things that worked ("for me")
Things that took me out of the film ("for me")
-some of the acting choices, they seemed to know what they were saying but they didn't effectively covey it. As well as the given circumstances. What I am trying to say is, some of it felt forced.
-Scott: I'm sure you'll be happy here.
Megan: I'm sure we'll be happy here
Scott: (strange look)
Megan: what's that supposed to mean?
This short section was supposed to set up the crisis in the story, but I felt it was hard to understand what was happening. I believe the director could have tried to announce the conflict much louder. The look that Scott gives Megan is completely muddled by the sun, leaving my confused as to whether he really gave her some sort of "look" or is he was just squatting. Though it sounds silly and tedious, but that moment is that important that the audience has to know without a doubt that something is wrong. The rest of the scene builds up beautifully but without a solid start I was left a little confused and catching up.
-The ending.
I am actually not sure what to say about the ending, but I will try to be as constructive as I can. First I have to say that with the film as is, I felt the ending was uncalled for and more than jolting. To me it was an out of the blue cliffhanger that had no meaning to me at all. Yes, the characters were all mentioned and described but Adam in particular was not fully given a meaning that would have warranted the ending. I did not feel as though Megan had any feelings for him. That could have been due to the actors choices or the script, but because that was missing I didn't understand the ending. All I felt throughout was the strong bond between Megan and Scott; they meant something to me. So when I find out that after all that, Magen really loves Adam and was coning Scott, I am left with a bitter taste in my mouth. Either the director needs to increase the importance of Adam through Megan or, (and i do not means this to be over barring) the current cliffhanger ending should be cut.
Well done, really. This film was beautiful to watch and made me want to get up and hug both of them and tell them to working it out.