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Transit by Yiannis Gaitanidis

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Drama and Science Fiction

[trEnzit] 1. the temporary stay of a passenger at an airport awaiting a connecting flight
2.(fig.) the in-between space, the passage from one state to another.
Two sisters and their grandfather lost in a forbidding countryside. The need for survival awakes wild instincts.
short film. 2007

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Thomas Ortiz almost 6 years ago

Well, I watched it a second time, and they did have more to offer acting wise once I got passed the audio, ill give it a 3 because you tried, and you earned it. =)

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Thomas Ortiz almost 6 years ago

I see you had a low budget, not that it makes the movie horrible, but like a few low budget movies, I have a few issues with it, well only two but still. One the music and sound was way to out of balance, the voices where quiet, and the music far too loud. And the story, it just drags on, well it does go from point a to point b, it takes too long to get from one scene to the next, the beginning for example, though I see you were trying to go for a dramatic entrance, that scene only needed to be for a few seconds for an establishing shot, not to see you walking for several seconds to a minute before seeing the group. Overall, for the budget's sake I would go easy but even the least of money can be over shadowed from the talent of the crew, 2 out of 5.

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Anthony Kozlowski over 6 years ago

I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a finalist in the 2012 International Film Skillet contest! Good luck!