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Missing by Cristian Wiesenfeld

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Science Fiction

Vanishing Cows and strange lights from the sky brake the silence of a tiny small village.
A Sci Fi short film inspired by german miniature Trains; mixing techniques as Pixilation, CGI, Macro Video and a keyrings light.

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Paul Holmes about 6 years ago

Well the twist at end is great


Dean Wells about 6 years ago

This is great! So that's how it was created (without spoiling the twist.) Great work!


Zachary Rudd over 6 years ago

I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a finalist in the 2012 International Film Skillet contest! Good luck!

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Jeremy Norris over 6 years ago

Great animation. Love the concept.

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Cristian Wiesenfeld over 6 years ago

what a surprise, thanks for the comments!

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AY DeGuzman over 6 years ago

I always wondered where the milky way comes from...Thanx!

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Christina Jaramillo over 6 years ago

This brought me a lot of joy.


Zachary Rudd over 6 years ago

Very weird, I like the use of milk at the end