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Glass City by Jordan Wood

Badge finalist Finalist for Summer 2012 International Film Contest in Horror

Find Your Fate.
A young woman meets with a mysterious man she met on the Internet.

Directed by Adam Comiskey
Assistant Producer: Jordan Wood
Production Company: PEW36 Animation Studios

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Riley Bentley about 3 years ago

This is why I have never done drugs haha Nice film!


patrick norris almost 6 years ago

This film is "freaky creepy at its best!!!" Well done!!!

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Jordan Wood over 6 years ago

Awesome, cheers Anthony

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Anthony Kozlowski over 6 years ago

I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a finalist in the 2012 International Film Skillet contest! Good luck!


Zachary Rudd over 6 years ago

The twist was unexpected, but a few consistency errors

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Jordan Wood over 6 years ago

Each name has a specific relevance to the crew/film, purely coincidence :-)


Dean Wells over 6 years ago

That last scene where the camera panned across the names on the glasses freaked me out. The last name was Dean :(