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The Joy of Fix by Do the Green Thing

The story begins with a tragic scene -- a table full of broken stuff. Unwanted and unloved these well-worn and once useful objects are destined for the dump... until they are rescued by some magical mending creatures who not only fix them ready to be loved and used again but bring each object to life with surprising beauty and charm.

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Aviel Hyman about 5 years ago

Great concept for a short film. I love how its such a simple idea The Joy of Fix yet so beautifully executed. Great work Do the Green Thing

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Do the Green Thing about 6 years ago

Thank you Nathalie, what a lovely comment. You've put a nice big smile on the faces at Do the Green Thing.

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Nathalie Karouni about 6 years ago

I can't remember the last time that I saw a video that was at the same time applying: "the shorter the better" and "an image is worth a thousand words" while promoting a good thing through artistic and zen values.

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Do the Green Thing over 6 years ago

Thanks Chris - I think he's my favourite too!


Chris Butcher over 6 years ago

Loved the frog :) Chris