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Occupational Hazards by Alex Calleros

Lily, an elementary school teacher with extreme social anxiety, has a crush on Frank, a "Safety in the Classroom" spokesman. But when Lily musters up the courage to attend a party they've both been invited to, things go horribly, horribly wrong...

This film is inspired by the following user-submitted constraints:
• A character must be incorrectly dressed for the weather.
• A game of charades goes horribly, horribly wrong.
• A character must say the line: "Yes. No. No. Wait! I mean yes. Yes. Definitely. Yes, I just... I think, maybe, no. Because... no, absolutely not, no. Since... dammit. Yes. Fine. Go."
• One character has extreme social anxiety.
• One character loves olives.
• Every time a new character is introduced, it must be a close up of their eyes.
• A character must address the camera, directly, for at least one line of dialogue.

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Antonio Parraguirre over 6 years ago

This was a truly compelling character study that explores group dynamics and how it triggers particular behaviors, The performances were solid and credible.

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Meg Leach over 6 years ago

i love this film. greats actors and so realistic!

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Rick Cortright almost 7 years ago

This film portrays social anxiety so well it is actually physically painful to watch. Really a perfect film.

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Eugene Wong about 7 years ago

I'm amazed at how well you incorporated the constraints, and still had a good story line. Well done!

I must say, though, that I didn't see anybody address the camera directly.


Zachary Rudd over 7 years ago

That was quirky. Good job!