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St. Paul by Francisco Ordonez

A Latino atheist struggles with his faith in doubt.

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Laurie Cummins over 6 years ago

The name of the film is perplexing to me. Granted, the lead character's name is Paul, but he's no saint. In the Christian world, St. Thomas is known as a doubter, but I thought St. Paul was devoted to the church.

Also, Paul (the protagonist) is painted as a strong atheist. He belongs to his collegiate atheist club, chooses a girlfriend based on his beliefs, and preaches to his friends about them. Yet he lets toothpaste and pregnancy ads plant seeds of doubt? As a person who has known several smart and logical atheists, I find it unlikely that this, even followed by a nasty breakup, would be enough to to shake his beliefs.

I look for real tears when an actor is supposed to be crying, and Paul shows none in the opening scene...

The school yard scene (with young Paul) is a strong one, and your use of setting, color and music lend a consistent tone to the story.