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Blind Date by Abigail Blackmore

Steven's quiet evening in his local pub is interrupted when Rachel arrives looking for her blind date...
Winner of Audience Awards at Los Angeles and Austin Film Festivals.

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Meg Leach over 6 years ago

funny and realistic!


Laurie Cummins over 6 years ago

I was drawn in by the fanciful opening credits and the accompanying background sounds of the bar but felt there could have been a smoother transition to the opening scene. Rachel is quirky, Steven's eyes puppy dog expressive. Some of the tripping and falling at the beginning of the "meeting" scene seemed a bit contrived. This is a believable situation and, unfortunately, an ending that's also imaginable because we humans don't always say what we feel ("stay with me"). Sometimes it costs us a lifetime of happiness.

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David H almost 7 years ago

great acting, especially on Rachel's part

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Aimee Molleken almost 7 years ago

very good. quirky example of what can happen on a blind date. Felt bad for steven though.


patrick norris over 7 years ago

check this film out!!!


Robert Lorrimer over 7 years ago

Very fine and well executed modern parable....the dialogue had a contemporary ring of truth.

The acting, and intercutting was slick, natural and entertaining.


Zachary Rudd over 7 years ago

Great character chemistry, sad ending.