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DEAR MOON by Michele Jacob

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animation - Stop Motion

A magic and poetic stop-motion trip through a freaky and sweet universe.
Everything grow up, die and reborn in a better way. A work of patience and paper.

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Justin Bellvia almost 6 years ago

I think this just might be the most amazing/creative/fantastical thing I have ever seen! I guess a few parts were a bit stretched and overused, but phenomenal work nonetheless. I can only assume this is a music video, though I don't think they were intentionally trying to persuade that. I'm still showing everyone I know! :-)

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Devon Kreider almost 6 years ago

Very creative and imaginative. :) It takes a lot of time and energy to complete a stop animation project, and they're always a nice change of pace. I like where the story was going but I think you could have fleshed it out a bit more. I felt like the characters were unconnected a many times and that the ending could have been stronger (the color was a great touch though). :)

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Andrew Megow almost 6 years ago

Feels very much like a music video. Not sure if that was the intention but the title is also the songs title which makes me pretty much declare it. It's definitely not a bad thing, I think that what this piece works best as. It's simple, slightly shapeless, slightly structured but very very unique.

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Thomas Ortiz almost 6 years ago

Amazing love story, but it was sorta..not about the moon...huh...

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Verna Morse about 6 years ago

I like the story. Glad to see they wanted away from the tech world. And the colour at the end gave a sense of hope.


D. Inman-Zadeh about 6 years ago

I like the song it harmonizes well with the animation. The imaginary world they created and how they interacted with the props and scenery is amazing. The best part was the use of bright colors in the end.