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J.G. Mcguinness by Greg Allen

Having spent more than 21 years as part of the Diageo - Guinness organization, Senior Partner Jessie Gay has assembled a management and consultancy team second to none when it comes to understanding the needs and wants of today's consumer. J.G.'s boasts an authentic Irish design by world renowned Irish Pub Specialists, Barnone. Drawing inspiration form several famous Dublin haunts such as Kehoes, McDaid's and The Foggy Dew, J.G.'s offers a stunning blend of the old and the new, of form and function.

But perhaps J.G.'s greatest point of difference lies in it's commitment to quality and in particular ensuring it's Draught Beer Experience is unforgettable for all the right reasons. Ever since the Guinness Harp Corporation located in Long Island City in Queens, NY, began selling Draught Guinness in the '60's, folks have lamented that "it tastes better in Ireland", and guess what, It did! But there were several reasons for this ranging from the type of gas being used to push the beer, to the frequency of line cleaning, to the correct pouring techniques and the use of a beer clean glass. Believe it or not, the Guinness kegs served in the US don't know where they are going and could just as easily end up in any pub in Dublin.

J.G McGuinness' has retained the services of John O'Sullivan, a former Guinness Brewer at St. James' Gate Brewery in Dublin, not only to custom design it's Draught System, but also to oversee it's installation. Additionally John will spend opening week enforcing meticulous standards and attention to detail previously imposed at the Guinness brewery. We will deliver the best Draught Guinness West of Dunmore Head.

All beers are not the same and J.G.'s will not treat them so as most others do. Every beer will be dispensed using a gas blend specifically mixed to meet that particular beer's needs so every beer is served just as the brewer had intended. And finally, it's green too. No, there will be no "green beer" here. By green I mean eco-friendly. J.G.'s system pulls Nitrogen from the air that we breathe, and blends it onsite cutting down on the need for cylinder filling and delivery.

We will dedicate the same level of commitment to our food and our service that we will to our beer and are extremely confident that no matter what the occasion, J.G. McGuinness will consistently deliver an authentic, welcoming and memorable Irish pub experience.

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