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Pure Funk by Marc Adamson

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animaton - 3D

In the distant future where music has been outlawed by an oppressive dictatorship, a DJ rises up to stir the people into rebellion and regain their freedom.

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Jeremy Norris about 7 years ago

I love this. Great animation. Definitely makes you smile.

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Lilou J about 7 years ago

It's a little gem! The drawings and animation are beautiful, the ending makes me smile everytime :)


D. Inman-Zadeh about 7 years ago

The detail of the animation and the characters I found very agreeable. The music fits the title perfectly. The use of the billboards to help in telling the story is a good use of time and space in a short period. The ending not totally expected.

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Peter A about 7 years ago

Too cool for words...

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Amy H about 7 years ago

Awesome! Made me really happy while watching :D
Love the backgrounds, animation, music... and that FRO!