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Night Light by Qing Han

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animation - 2D
Badge winner User Choice for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest

A girl creates a world of that lights up the night sky, but something goes amiss and she must fix it.

This was done as my final year thesis film at Sheridan Animation. I guess my focus was more on colour scripting and layout, but a plot bunny birthed out of it somehow anyways :). We had to keep our films short or cut it to 1 minute for our Industry Day, but I figured I might as well try to squeeze a story into a minute. Thanks for watching it and I hope you liked it ^^

I went for a more of a soft-shaded look, which meant i had to do everything in photoshop with a soft-brush that took hours and hours, and days upon days, but i think the effect was what I wanted :). I think I spent around.....what's 5 months times 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? Yah, around that much time in total.

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blair lawrence about 6 years ago

this is incredible, great animation! for a minute there i thought i was watching a haoyo miyazaki movie

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Ali Wynn about 6 years ago

This was great! One of my favorite parts about the film was the music. I feel it really captured the emotions that were portrayed buy the characters. Also, the color in the animation was amazing. I liked how the dark sky really contrasted with the light colors that the girl was painting. Well done!

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Racquel Ruvalcaba about 6 years ago

The color palette for this film is exceptionally beautiful! I kept replaying this film and fell in love with the musical score. Such an aesthetically pleasing short animation about the wonders of color, light, fantasy and nature. Amazing job!

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Alexandra Goldstein about 6 years ago

This was beautiful! I thought the score really aided to the film and was a huge part of the understanding of the narrative. I liked how the music elements all sounded independent as well. I think the colors were exceptional and really brought out the element of light.


John Cullinan over 6 years ago

This was a lovely piece! I really liked the art direction. It set a nice mood. I might have chosen to lower the audio levels a bit, however... too 'hot,' and therefore a bit detracting. Other than that... magnificent! Thanks for your time. I wish you would make more! :)


Riley Bentley almost 7 years ago

Beautiful creation!


patrick norris about 7 years ago

Awesome Film!!! Check it out!


John Leutz about 7 years ago

A wonderful video I found on Face books Deviant art page through another picture of a cat catching a moon fish. Amazing and magical. I love the magic paint brush that brings the goldfish to life. Rated 5 out 5.

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Jordan Wood about 7 years ago

a really wonderful film, lovely art style


Faith Gerhardt about 7 years ago

That is awesome! I wanted to vote for you but I couldn't. So Congrats! You did a awesome job!

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Nalye Lor about 7 years ago


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Ali Adams about 7 years ago

Voted for you. :3

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Lita Larkin about 7 years ago

I thought this was from a full movie when I saw the preview, it looks so professional. I really wish it WAS a full length film! Best of luck!


Kofi Sarfo about 7 years ago

Congrats! :D

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Sydney Roesch about 7 years ago


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Ashley McDonald about 7 years ago

Saw this on tumblr!! Had to vote for you. Good Luck!!!

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Mary Thomas about 7 years ago

From DA! I had to make an account just to vote! :)

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Christine McMillan about 7 years ago

What a gorgeous animation!

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Wren Truesong about 7 years ago

Another deviantart devotee! You've got my vote for sure.

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Dawn Goldson about 7 years ago

here from DA!! :D Good luck, I'll be cheering for you ^-^