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Night Light by Qing Han

Badge finalist Finalist for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest in Animation - 2D
Badge winner User Choice for The Film Skillet Winter 2012/2013 Animation Contest

A girl creates a world of that lights up the night sky, but something goes amiss and she must fix it.

This was done as my final year thesis film at Sheridan Animation. I guess my focus was more on colour scripting and layout, but a plot bunny birthed out of it somehow anyways :). We had to keep our films short or cut it to 1 minute for our Industry Day, but I figured I might as well try to squeeze a story into a minute. Thanks for watching it and I hope you liked it ^^

I went for a more of a soft-shaded look, which meant i had to do everything in photoshop with a soft-brush that took hours and hours, and days upon days, but i think the effect was what I wanted :). I think I spent around.....what's 5 months times 12 hours a day, 7 days a week? Yah, around that much time in total.

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cassie mcclain almost 6 years ago

casswalker from DA here. i hope you win ;)

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Catlin Couill almost 6 years ago

I've been watching your progress over the months on DA, and I'm just blown away by the finished product. It really shows the kind of work you put into this! Amazing work, and good luck with your schooling!

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M B almost 6 years ago

MoyaoftheMist from Tumblr/DA. I've been awestruck by this animation since I first saw it. You really deserve to win!

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Ariel Sonsteng almost 6 years ago

Grrgrl2 of dA. I love your film, and I hope you win! xD

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Jake Smores almost 6 years ago

my dA by the way lol. :

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Jake Smores almost 6 years ago

/ i saw the dA watch message & voted ^-^
-this is amazing , you should join disney and make like another mulan ;o;-


Qing Han almost 6 years ago

thanks so much everyone! I can't really reply like I do on dA though, but I do read and am so thankful you guys are helping me and like my film ;A;~

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Laura Hill almost 6 years ago

This is StarfireEspo from deviantART. This is a gorgeous film and such wonderful character designs. This is amazing work and something I will watch again and again. Good Luck!

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Guillermo Rodriguez almost 6 years ago

hi! im kachemo from deviantart
i love this animation of course ill vote for it
good luck!

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Blank Name almost 6 years ago

Hey there. It's will2power71 from Deviantart. Just showing a little love for your short film. I really did enjoy what you did with it. Something like this reminds me of why I love animation so much.

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Kelcie Dent almost 6 years ago

Hi~! This is YKajitaka. I tottled over from deviantArt~ So glad you told me about this site, since I'm an animation student~ ;P

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Matthew Vaughn almost 6 years ago

With just sixty seconds of animation, I feel like years of nostalgia have been pulled to the front of my mind. This film is gorgeous in, both, mental and physical aesthetics.

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David Shelton almost 6 years ago

I think this film should win this contest--I have loved this since it was shown on deviantART's site, and think that putting this much feeling and love into one minute is remarkable and amazing!

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Sage Gustafson almost 6 years ago

One of the most creative films EVER! Good luck!

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Adrian Cade almost 6 years ago

Very nostalgic animation. Brings joyful memories and the music suits it so well really hope this wins.

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Clarisse Matias almost 6 years ago

Voted for this film. This is amazing! Great work! :)

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jeanetmarie smith almost 6 years ago

Love it. All the best. Cheers!

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Raana Zeini almost 6 years ago

I love it,
colors are awesome...


Dean Wells almost 6 years ago

Beautiful animation -- Love it!!!

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Gabriel Psaltakis almost 6 years ago

Great work!

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