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Film Skillet Partners to Create Polo Documentary

In June 2013, Film Skillet partnered with local Santa Barbara filmmakers to create and market a feature length documentary on the fast-paced, exciting sport of Polo. Often called the sport of kings, Polo is thought to have begun 2,500 years ago as a training exercise for Persian cavalry. Over the years passion for the sport grew, and by 900 AD it was actively played by men and women in China, India and the Middle East.  Today, Polo is played in countries around the world, and at important tournaments, can draw crowds in excess of 30,000.

If you love action sports, you will love Polo. Eight riders, traveling at speeds of over 30 miles per hour battle on horse back to score goals at either end of a 300 yard field. Very exciting!  

The documentary will be shot in locations in the U.S. and abroad. Principal photography for this film will be shot on RED Epic and will show incredible detail and movement rarely seen by the human eye.


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                      Polo The Documentary

                       Coming August 2014