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    Had so much fun doing "The Audition" film with it's old "Carnie" atmosphere wanted to do a little more. This is a fun little test for a Carnival project.

  • Web%20noaha

    It's up to one man and his family to save the world. Will he be faithful to the task, to which he has been called?

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    In 1922 Howard Carter makes an amazing discovery in Egypt's Valley of the Kings.

  • Episode 2 web

    In episode two we find Nickola frustrated at the destruction of his "prototype" and he is trying to figure a way to fund research on his newest invention. In this episode he attempts a desperate scheme...

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    The saga begins... As a child Nikola Tesla suffered from unexplainable blinding flashes of light. No explanation was ever discovered...but did this strange malady set the tone for the rest of his life...

  • Audition 04

    A young carnival "hootchie-kootchie" dancer yearns for something better and decides to audition for a ballet. But, as we will see, her audition has a very unexpected and surprising outcome. Animated...

  • Pinhead 05

    Loveable buffoon Walter P. Pinhead somehow gets the use of the "Back to the Future" Delorean and travels to the future. All seems to be going well till one fateful day...

  • Tsdb%20still 04

    Very bad film with a great title!

  • Swampman%205b

    The cheesiest low-budget swamp movie ever made!

  • Image14

    Short SciFi film. The first three parts...

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