Derek Price (Film Skillet Filmmaker) - Ottawa Ontario Canada

Industry Role:
Derek began as a filmmaker with the script for "By the Roadside" in 2001. Originally conceived as a feature, the film was eventually made as a short with a group of friends in 2005 once he moved to Montreal for non-film related work. There he met people who helped him get his start in film.

While he was in Montreal, he directed two short films, "Levity" and "Intimate Strangers". Along with "By the Roadside" all of the films were shot in the Ottawa valley. Derek considers Ottawa to be his home and always felt that he would come back to pursue his passion there.

Derek returned to Ottawa in August 2010 and has since written and directed several short films with many more in production.

Derek was awarded the "Spirit of the Festival" award at the 2011 Digi60 Film Festival for his short films "First Date" and "Divorce".

In 2012 Derek is endeavoring to complete 12 short films in 2012 as part of "Ambition 2012". The purpose of this project is to help grow the Ottawa film community by providing opportunities for local talent to get involved in projects while working on ideas and practicing techniques he has developed in the past. So far three of the projects are complete with three more in pre-production.

Derek is a freelance editor, hobby photographer and musician. Having no formal education in film, he is a self-taught student of film, music and media.

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