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  • Open uri20140123 9439 bqgkhd 0?1390514221

    Beverly Hills is not only Rodeo Drive; it now has a center for the performing arts designed by architect Zoltan Palli. An old building becomes a new building and a new building is hidden under a metaphoric box of "envelopes" that contain technical...

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    Twenty interdisciplinary teams of university students competed in the Solar Decathlon contest for the design of houses prototypes that are solar-powers, cost-effective, energy-efficient and attractive...

  • Open uri20130531 32147 1i76c6o 0?1370026136

    People don't read anymore, right? Wrong! The central library in downtown L.A. is a powerful proof of it. The place is packed with people of all ages at any time.

  • Open uri20130531 23362 ggluet 0?1370019718

    During November of 2012 I was invited to Israel to scout locations for a documentary on future artificial islands. A war situation along Gaza's border was still going on, yet I shot some aspects of...

  • Open uri20130531 5973 1yzhugg 0?1370003133
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    The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health in Las Vegas is a recent, little known work by Frank Gehry.

  • Open uri20130530 28917 1c4wu15 0?1369944489

    "Stradaccia" is the Italian word for "ugly street" (stradaccie is the plural.) In less than nine minutes the camera moves over 25 miles, from Santa Monica to Downtown L.A.

  • Open uri20130530 5157 144hp81 0?1369939881

    Ports O'Call is a fish market in San Pedro, by the waterfront, on the edge of Los Angeles. Large families of Latinos are its main customers. The place will be soon demolished, to make space for new...

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