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  • Open uri20140226 22023 18jzwcs 0?1393469539

    POWER OF A DREAM - football documentary (teaser) At the age of 28 with no prior football experience Castillo, chased a dream to play collegiate football at the University of the Incarnate Word and made it his own reality. Castillo will share his...

  • Open uri20140118 19376 1rgbbgt 0?1390084536

    Video tutorials from world famous cruise director TOMMY CRUISE.

  • Open uri20131215 18912 c32sh9 0?1387134148
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    Taylor Trash Productions presents... GET TO KNOW THE BIRD: a study of the love of flight This film documents a day in the life of Cold War era pilot John Russell and how aviation has influenced his...

  • Open uri20131116 24171 s5lnfq 0?1384622591

    In 1603, William Shakespeare brought us Hamlet. This royal tragedy inspired the Disney classic The Lion King. Now we bring you... KING LION

  • Open uri20130514 24274 1cvzcn4 0?1368570301

    Four flatulent filled friends find fun during a screening of Jurassic Park. check out more films at http://taylortrashproductions.com/ LIKE us on Facebook here - https://www.facebook.com/pages...

  • Open uri20130426 13503 1nh4294 0?1367042292

    POEMS, CIGARETTES & BEER: portrait of a poet - Sean Rima

  • 281288 1807893847887 48937 n

    documentary on cryptozoology.

  • Open uri20130425 27494 1lf24xq 0?1366937444

    documentary on Gay Rights, Religion & Love.

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    documentary about the "monster" that lives in the Altamaha River.

  • Open uri20130425 14152 1boki8o 0?1366927593
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    An Irish poet/gardener living in France named Finnbar must fight against the Socialist actions taken by the village of Lacoste after openly supporting Cardin capitalism. He would often receive death...

  • Open uri20130422 1303 17gqgdk 0?1366675251

    Documentary of the life and art of Peter Max.

  • 347 537523402027 6482 n

    Corey Alexander Crowley knows he will 'ultimately end up in a Buddhist monastery, but after a career in Hollywood first.' These two dreams of film and living as a monk intertwine as Corey tries to make...

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